Runescape and its people

Runescape and its people is about the people of runescape:

share your ideas about runescape share to me anything nothing is a stupid question unless you dont ask it.:) ūüôā



here is a place to talk and hang out with your friends. But be carful some people might be spammers WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Runescape 2 question poll

what do you dislike about runescape:                                                                             

graphics_   losing alot of your things when you die_     being a member_   all of the above_

or  something  else_ if its something else tell me what it is

What is your favorite part

fighting_  magic_  bowing_  the weapons_ clothes_  newbs(because the buy anything)_ all of the above_  something else_ if it something else tell me what it is

runescape quest cheat

Hey yall ill give you a cheat for the quest:demon slayer

first you find sir prysin in the varrock castle.Then you will have to go to wizards tower or up from the lumbridge store the left until you cross a bridge.then get 25 bones and go upstairs the look for the wizard guy and give him the bones he will give you a key.Then exit the wizards tower and go back to the castle then go strait of sir prysin and go  up the stairs and you will com tho the castle gaurd chief talk to him and he will gi you the key.After get a jug of water then go to the catsle kitchen and go out side.Pour the jug of water in the drain.Then go to the front of the castle and go strait a little thengo right until you reacha manhole.Climb down and go to the left path to the end and go left a little and youll see a key.Then go back to sir prysin and give him the keys.He will give you the silverlight.then go to the circle in front of varrck and kill Delrith.

                                     hope you kill delrith Good luck!



ok everyone what is your names on runescape tell me myn is da beastdude.

welcome all

hello welcome to my website on the mystery fighting game RUNESCAPE.